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Full description to come soon! Also, this game will be polished up extra and updated in a V2 release!

Try to reunite 2 robots separated over some levels, who need eachother to transmit data! The purple robot sends the data, and the orange object receives it.

When both are disconnected, you have 3 seconds to reconnect the connection either directly or by proxy of a fiber optic, or you have to restart!

(The game is intended as a single-player game, but you could also play the game with 2 people, 1 person controlling each character - could be fun! But still, the game was playtested as a singleplayer game. Controlling 2 characters simultaneously is a fun twist, yo!)
Please let us know if any puzzles are inaccessible to those with colourblindness.


GameJamRelase.zip 26 MB


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Yay. Well designed puzzles, respect. Will there be new levels in V2?

Ah thank you so much! Definitely want to make more puzzles and polish the game up a lot, not sure when I'll do that as I'm taking a small break from devving after this and Ludum Dare. But definitely there'll be more puzzles.

Will you be able to save your progress in V2 release?

hey there! Yeah, I'll have a look into doing saving, that kind of thing for V2. Been working on stuff and Ludum Dare is coming up on the weekend so I've placed things here on the back burner but I'll get around to this - I just don't want to burn myself out of gamedev completely.