Your Jetpack is Out of Control!

Navigate challenging puzzle rooms, making sure you're safe when your jetpack's timer ticks down and launches you sky high.

Note - make sure your browser/Windows zoom settings are at default settings.
If you see a skybox on the title screen, zoom out!
If you can't see the whole title screen, zoom in!

Another note - this is the first full jam I've used Unity for, with about... 2 weeks of Unity experience under my belt before this weekend. Developing this game has been an excellent learning experience for us. Thank you always to Mark Brown for running the jam year after year! -Harry


WASD - move!

Left Mouse Button - slow down time
Right Mouse Button - speed up time
9 - previous scene
0 - next scene


Harry Petch - Coding and level design!
Ayo Norman-Williams - Character sprites and title/end card design!
Lizzy Orji-Smith - Concept art, decoration sprites!
Louis Jackson - Music & sound effects, supporting code, post processing!

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