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Estimated playtime: 45 minutes to 1 hour. This game does not have a save function.

Spirit Cleaning is an action/visual novel hybrid game where you play as The Cleaner, a spring cleaner visiting a residential house in the suburbs.

However, this job isn't a normal one - each room of the house is haunted by the tragedies that befell its many residents and their bloodied crime scenes.

And they're all anime girls.

There are two control schemes (selectable in the Pause menu [Esc]):

  • Tank controls - W to move forward, A/D to turn.
  • Camera-relative controls: WASD to move. The direction you move will depend on where the camera faces.

Press E to interact with things!

Contains ghosts talking about deaths of varying levels of violence.
Contains bloody/gorey scenes and strong language/profanity.

You'll find out. But we do have a talking car, and a Gamer.

  • An eerily familiar house to explore!
  • 7 ghosts/rooms with unique stories!
  • Cleaning minigame action!
  • Demonic Rituals!
  • At least 1 existential crisis.

Harry Petch - Game Design, Writing and Management
StarSkull - Code Octopus, Mechanics Design and Implementation, Proofreading
CEO of Bad Art - Character Art and Co-writing

Features some music and art by Erik Sheader, and some art by Allen Rutledge.
All other attributions included in game.

A game made for the HQ Residential House Game Jam. Thanks for the opportunity to develop this, we've really learnt a LOT from this project!

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
AuthorsHarry, StarSkull, The CEO of Bad Art
GenreVisual Novel, Action
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Female Protagonist, Game Jam, hq-residential-house, Unity


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only true motorheads can tell when a lot of love went into a game

Could you tell me the name of the ost, or where I could find it?

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Here! Sorry for the late reply


No worries, thank you


Can I just say, I lost my homie Bonez and Granny in the same year. This game lets my mind rest easy to know that my mom, my best friend and Granny are resting in peace. I enjoy playing the game. Thanks 4 making it. 

That was such a unique mix of a game, it had great dialogue with each of the ghosts, and it was just fun cleaning all of the blood. Really enjoyed the character interactions.

Really interesting game all the tragic stories of the characters are sad and some are relatable.. still i enjoyed it 100%! 


absolutely gorgeous game, played it around a few weeks or so after release and i still can't get over it's charm. when i was making an itch.io account i just had to post here first before anything else.


Hello I liked the game, I recorded the game and I speak Spanish so I tried to translate it but it made me wrong xd that's why my title says level of English 0.5 hahaha.


I Liked it! it had fun characters and i felt bad for them but also glad they got to move on, Good Game. 


That was an excellent little game. Despite the length, there was a lot of character packed into the characters, and I genuinely felt bad for most of them. Makes me slightly sad that I didn't get to see them again after having solved their problem, and thus will never get to interact with them again.


Got this game with the Palestinian Aid Bundle and I really did enjoy it!

One problem is that the sensitivity feels way too high, but I was able to fix that by just manually turning my mouse's sensitivity down, didn't really ruin anything for me.


Got the game in the bundle and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I think the weird movement style was hard to get used to but I feel it definitely added to the eairy gameplay

You can change the movement settings by pressing the Escape key! Glad you enjoyed it anyway ;D


It is a nice game! I enjoyed playing this, and let me a nice and warm feeling inside. The only bad this, is during the cleaning minigame, the mouse moved too fast, and gave me slight motion sickness. I wish I could change the setting so that it goes slower, or change the fov or something. 

But I had fun!


Thank you for playing and for the feedback! Apologies for the lack of sensitivity and FOV options, we've not made this genre of game in Unity before so some of those settings were forgotten until it was too late. Won't make that mistake again! Glad you enjoyed the game and had fun!


So I just got the game as part of a bundle... And I liked the idea of doing a story-based game, so this is the 1st one I decided to try...! However... The game is so choppy, it's almost impossible to play...! Plus, I happen to find a bug/glitch right in the middle... It took me so long just to get to this point, I don't think it's worth restarting the whole thing all over again... I was cleaning the garage and accidently hit E next to the washing machine while cleaning... But the cursor won't move to the action bar, so I'm permanently stuck looking at "Unlock the car"


Hey there! Thanks for checking the game out and leaving feedback, apologies for the choppiness and gameplay issues you experienced. The bug you found is interesting, I've not come across that before but I will investigate and find a fix in the garage.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the games in the bundle, there are more story games in the bundle such as Anodyne, The Endless Empty and Minit that I really enjoyed :)

I loved much the game, but i would like it was more optimized, my pc struggles very much to make it run. Is a video card needed to make run it smoothly?

Hi, sorry for the delay in responding - yes I believe running the game with a video card would help with the performance issues, other background applications might be "optimising" the game or taking up resources as well. Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

guess who


This game was so awesome! I got strong Undertale Vibes from it. The dialogue was engaging and the cleaning was so satisfying! Funny and beautiful game. A 10/10 experience truly.


We are excited to discuss Spirit Cleaning on Indie Game Club! Indie Game Club is like a book club, but for indie games!

Twitch: https://twitch.tv/potionsandpixels


Best indie game i've ever played. It is so good I think it rivals the story of most triple A games. Def going in top 10 games ive ever played.  


I love the characters in this game. Never thought house cleaning could be so much fun. (:

it's only fun cause you got waifus lol

glad you enjoyed it!!!


This was a very unique blend of visual novel and horror action game that is exactly what the world needed! Loved it!


Thanks for playing!!!
Glad you liked it :D


I've been looking after this game since the Jam began, your updates and progress really shows what a perfectly entertaining game can be made. Objectively, this is in my top 3 games, definitely second best game in the entry. Loved all of it, art style, mechanics, story, visuals, music (woww, that music thou!!!).
Overall 10/10. FUN!


Thank you so much for the feedback! It's really encouraging to get comments like this.


TOP 3??!?!?!? 10/10????


To be more clear, in the H.Q. residential house gam jam, your game is number 2 for me, it's literally that fantastic!!!

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i played this on stream at my twitch page!
and it was entertaining, but I feel like it should be more than just cleaning up blood stains. Some of the dialogue was really funny!


We were originally going to have a DDR minigame in one of the bathrooms, but it got scrapped lol (deadlines amirite)
Glad you liked the dialogue!!!  It was fun to write (usually)


also my dude did you check the page for the game jam
just asking


the art in this game looks so bad
like who the hell drew it???

also my house is haunted now, which is a big problem to say the least. help
great game otherwise, 10/10

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Had a lot of fun playing this and a lot of the stuff upstairs is really funny. Cool and creative use of the house! The music does get a little much. RIP Fortnite Johnson, you were taken from us too soon. Gamer Gang rise up 

Gameplay if interested: 


glad to see a fellow member of the gamer gang (tm).
fortnite johnson twitch emotes when???

Show post...




Lucky enough to play this, love the graphics and anime feel...

Thank you!!  :D


fortnite johnson


fortnite johnson