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Please run on a 1920x1080 or higher resolution for best clarity!

You are in the legal department of a large corporation. The CEO wants to gather ALL the profit, and that can only be done by buying up all sorts of start-ups and investment opportunities. You have to quickly look through the clauses of each agreement that comes in, and avoid particularly suspicious contracts or scams as you put pen to paper!

Developed in Abertay University by members of student team "The Taywild":

  • Max Ansell - Programming Implementation
  • Harry Petch - Design, Production
  • Cristi Dumitru - Art
  • Tiarnan Lavery - Art

A game made simultaneously for 2 game jams with the following themes:

  • AGDS Freshers Jam 2022: "It's OK to Fail"
  • Ludum Dare 51 (Extra): "Every 10 Seconds"


Too Big To Fail AGDS v1.1.zip 42 MB


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Love the look and feel of this game